Old-school marketing that still works today

mailOnline marketing is an essential part of business today. Social media keeps you at top of mind. Email campaigns, newsletters and blogs reinforce top-of-mind awareness. All of these have limitations. Social media is fleeting and there is no guarantee your posts will be seen every time. After a while, email and newsletters end up in the junk pile or sometimes start there, never to be seen. But with enough volume and consistency, they are still very effective.


One classic marketing technique has been around forever and is one of the most effective means of getting a message to your customers. Good, old-fashioned snail-mail still works and often better than anything else. In the fast-paced world of online marketing, your message is easy to slip by unnoticed while seeing that hard copy in a postbox works nearly every time.  People of all ages, even Millennials, love to open letters. To be most effective, snail-mail should be used sparingly and carefully.


Special sales and events are best announced with a postcard. Postcards are the easiest and least expensive. Have them pre-printed for convenience. The front of the card should be an eye-catching image of jewellery, gemstones or diamonds. People hold on to pretty pictures, often hanging them on a refrigerator with a magnet while a sales message on the front usually ends up in a trash bin fairly quickly. The back of the card should contain the message and can be pre-printed.  You can add the name and address of your customer either by using printed labels or running them through your own printer. Have several pre-printed thank-you messages for repair customers and smaller purchases. Address the appropriate thank-you cards daily for every transaction.


Note cards sent in an envelope are perfect for invitation-only events or as a thank-you card for large purchases or new customers. Use the same strategy as before with a nice image on the front and the message inside. The message can be pre-printed for events but for a significant purchase, a handwritten note shows personal attention. When using a note card, the name and address should always be written by hand. Few people can resist opening an envelope with a handwritten address. If you have bad penmanship or not enough time in your busy schedule, you can outsource this task to a student for very little money.


Postal marketing is certainly more expensive than online marketing and takes more effort but the results are amazing. Few businesses still use the mail so you will stand out above the others. It creates the image that your store will go the extra mile for superior customer service.

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