2 new ways to use smartphones in your jewellery store

It seems that where ever you go people are constantly looking at their smart phones. Traditional sales people often find it frustrating to pry a someone’s attention away from their phone.
So why not use your customer’s phones to get their attention and help you make a sale?



Beacons are a new, fast growing technology that lets you capture customers through their smartphones. A beacon is a close proximity network that connects directly to a mobile device through low energy Bluetooth(BLE.) Apps like Apple’s iBeacon listen for signals from nearby beacons and sound an alert. The user then checks their phone to find your message. This is already in use for grocery stores and department stores. In the very near future, more apps will be beacon aware. This is a natural addition to travel and shopping apps.

There are several ways to use beacons in your jewellery store. When a shopper nears your store, a beacon message can motivate them to come in. Imagine a customer walking past your store getting a message that it is good time to get their jewellery cleaned for free. Once inside your store a beacon can tell them about today’s specials. In a large store, several beacons can be used to track the customer through different departments providing offerings in each department. Since most people will research online, why not make it easy for them and beam a 4Cs buying guide as they approach your diamond counter?

There are several companies offering beacon solutions to retailers. This is a good time to get an early start on this rapidly expanding marketing technology.


Many retailers are bypassing traditional credit card processors in favour of mobile based card readers like Square and Paypal Here. The advantages are zero start-up costs, no monthly fees and almost instant access to funds. It is a great way for a new business to accept cards without the bother of applying for a credit card processor. It is especially helpful for selling at trade shows, street fairs and travelling wholesalers. You no longer need to be tied to a phone system.

But smartphones could eventually make cash and credit cards obsolete. Apps like Google Wallet and Apple Pay allow a customer to pay directly from their phones or smart watches…no physical card needed. Tied to your POS system, a transaction can take place anywhere on the sales floor without the need to stand in a queue at a checkout counter. Currently in development is PayPal Beacon, a Bluetooth device that will connect your POS system with the PayPal app on a customers’ smartphone when they enter a store. Customers will simply say they’re paying with PayPal, and the transaction will be automatically completed.

Modern consumers want a super convenient, dynamic customer experience. Mobile technology can make that a reality.

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