Why you should love procrastinators

dave_siskin-12-2015-procrastinationProcrastinators wait until the last minute to do their holiday shopping.  Now that there are only a couple days left for this selling season, procrastinators will come out hiding and into your store. Treat them right and they can be the most profitable customers of the season.


Procrastinators are the easiest sales

It is too late for procrastinators to go around to a variety of stores to find the best bargain or the perfect gift.  They need something now.  A typical procrastinator won’t put a lot of thought into buying gifts.  They need someone to guide them.  Whatever you suggest, they are likely to buy.  Ask a few leading questions to determine the right match and go right to the close.  Rarely will they negotiate a price.


Procrastinators are afraid of buying the wrong gift

The worst thing that can happen to a procrastinator is to come home with an unwanted gift.  It tells the recipient that there was not much thought involved in the selection.  This is when you need to point out your easy exchange policy.   Let them know if she doesn’t like it, she is free to exchange it for something she will love.  If they are still hesitant, a gift certificate may be a good option.  They need to trust you so earn that trust.


Make it easy for them

Procrastinators are often busy people.  If they don’t have time to plan or shop for a gift, they certainly don’t have time to think about presentation.  Have gift wrapping supplies at hand.  Assign one of your staff to the task of wrapping gifts.  While you handle the sale, they can wrap the gift.  If you are too busy to spend a lot of time on wrapping, have decorative gift bags ready to go.  If the procrastinator can leave your store ready to present the gift, you are their hero.


They probably forgot someone

A procrastinator usually comes in with the intention of buying for one particular person, often a spouse or a child.  Your job is to remind them of others that deserve a gift.  Start by name as many people as you can think of: friends, co-workers, relatives…anyone that should have a gift from them.  Even if they say that someone else like their spouse takes care of that, remind them that a gift chosen by them personally is always appreciated.  This is a good way to get the add-on sales.


Procrastinators are loyal

Procrastinators will remember that you helped save the day.  Chances are they will be in the same situation again for birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations.  Hand them a business card with your name on it and tell them to put it in their wallet now for the next time they need a gift.  Let them know that they can contact you by phone or email ahead of time and you will have a few choices ready when they come in.


Save some energy for the procrastinators that are sure to come in during these final days. They can be some of your most profitable and loyal customers.


I hope your harvest is good.  Happy Holidays!

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