Social Media: Optimize Your Online Reviews

youtube-facebook-linkedin-twitter-icons Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for the jewellery business.  Happy customers that recommend you are not just promoting your business, they are building your reputation.  We all know the old saying…”A happy customer tells their friends, an unhappy customer tells everyone.”  That phrase is now obsolete.  Today it does not matter if a customer is happy or unhappy…they both tell everyone via social media.

“Word of mouth” is being replaced by “word of media” and consumers are reviewing all types of products and services on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Trip Advisor and dozens of other similar sites.  They are also reading them and making spending decisions based on customer reviews and feedback.   Don’t discount Trip Advisor as a travel only site.  More and more retailers, including jewellers, are getting reviewed there and it is very effective.

A jewellery store can only be successful if it can gain the trust of new or potential customers.   Online reviews are the fastest way to build a jeweller’s reputation.  You can run a great social media campaign to get the word out about your store but it is the reviews and comments from actual customers that will convince a new client to give you a try.

facebook-polling There are many ways to get someone to write a review for you. The best and most obvious tactic is to simply ask for them.  Start up an entire campaign based on an expression like: “We really want to know!”  Include a flyer or card asking for reviews in every package that leaves your store.  Be sure to have a QR code that will take them to your website, Facebook page, or any where you want to build an online reputation.

Try using polls on your Facebook page.  Let your customers vote on their favourite new design, or help pick a team member of the month.  Have an essay contest. Use a topic such as “I like ABC Jewellers because…” or “My favourite time of day to visit ABC Jewellers is…”  Offer a great prize and celebrate the winner on Facebook.


Have a laptop or tablet opened to your favourite social media page in your store for customers to post a review right from your showroom.  Build a selfie corner and a very well-lit photo platform for your customers to take a picture of their jewellery.  Be sure to have you logo and store contact info where they will be visible in the photos and encourage them to upload immediately.

Ask for reviews with every single customer contact.  The more reviews you have, the more likely others will join in.  Make it fun, easy rewarding for your customers and they will be happy to spread the word.  Get that “word of media” working for you.


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