How to be The Expert

Most jewellers have at least one thing that sets them apart as an expert. It could be a passion for diamonds or gemstones. Perhaps it is custom design or the ability to repair almost anything. Use your knowledge or skill to become The Expert in your market, the one that even your competitors will turn to for help. There are many ways to establish yourself as the local expert and it is best to use as many of them as possible.

Contact business associations, community organizations and other local groups about being a guest speaker at a meeting. Prepare a presentation that will highlight your area of expertise without appearing to be an infomercial. If you’re a diamond expert you might want to focus on understanding cut. Pepper your talk with interesting anecdotes about diamonds in history. A jeweller could bring a few tools and demonstrate stone setting. If can hold their attention for a while and educate them about one little corner of our trade, you will become The Expert in your community. Let your passion lead the way.

Differentiate yourself, then gain the reputation

Differentiate yourself, then gain the reputation

Television and radio stations often have local interest segments, especially in the morning. They are always looking for local experts to answer questions on air. This is a great way reach a broad segment of your local market with the implied backing of a trustworthy broadcaster. You can’t buy this type of exposure but they will give it to you for free in exchange for five or ten minutes of your expertise.

If you are advertising in newspapers, you may want to consider using some of your ad space for a weekly “Ask the Expert” advice column. At first you’ll have to make up your own questions but before long the questions will come in from the public. Keep it light, short and easy to read.

Make sure your website has several pages related to consumer information. This shows that you offer knowledge as well as product. Start a blog and update it often. Talk about anything related to your business but try to focus on your area of expertise. Avoid the temptation of using it as a personal diary…leave your cat out of it. Make it informative and entertaining.

Online forums are great places to become The Expert but be sure to understand the general moods and quirks of the forum. In most forums it is considered rude to sell or self-promote in a discussion. You only want to answer questions, add comments or start threads that highlight your knowledge. Stick to what you know and try to learn from others.

If you are going to claim to be The Expert you’d better be the real deal. the worst thing you can do is give incorrect or misguided information. You will get called out on it and could quickly lose the expert status you worked so hard to achieve. It is not easy but the rewards are worth the effort

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