5 Summer Events to Boost Your Business

Since there are no gift-giving holidays until December, summertime is a slow season for many jewellers.   This year, the jewellery business is experiencing even more of a slowdown due to global political and economic chaos.  It will eventually get better, but there are several things you can do right now to boost your sales.




Mine your gold

Your customer list is your own, private gold mine but it has little value unless you work at it.  You must mine that gold. It is vital to communicate with your existing customers on a regular basis.  Ideally, they should hear from you at least once a month.  Direct mail is still one of the most efficient ways to keep top of mind awareness.  A simple, cost-effective campaign is a postcard highlighting monthly birthstones.  A beautiful photo, a little history or lore will attract their attention.  Be sure to have a call to action.  Time the mailing to hit their postbox about one week before the month starts.  Follow this with online and social media campaigns when the month begins.


Throw a party

Once a year, have an invitation-only customer appreciation event.  This is a good time for a trunk show.  Be sure to have wine and cheese or other snacks available.  Number each invitation to use for a prize drawing.  Offer a bonus prize for anyone bringing in a new customer with them.  Use this same concept to give your existing customers a preview evening for any other events you have for the general public.  People like to feel special and invitation-only events achieve that goal.


Have an in-store contest

One of the best promotional contests is “Pick a diamond.”  Fill a large glass bowl with Cubic Zirconias.  Add one diamond.  Everyone who comes in the store has a chance to use a pair of tweezers to pick one stone.  If they pick the diamond, they get to keep it.  Send a mailing to your customer list that gives them an extra pick or two.  No matter if they pick a CZ or the diamond, this is your opportunity to upsell a mounting for their new stone.


Have a social media contest

Encourage your customers to post reviews, or better yet, feel good stories about shopping in your store on your social media page.  Offer a prize for the most likes.  If they share on their own page, count any likes from there as well.


Run a restyle, rebuild, and recycle event

Set aside 2-3 days for this event.  Have your customers bring in jewellery they no longer wear because they are tired of it, or it is in bad condition.  Use their stones and gold to create something new or repair and refurbish worn out items.  This is an excellent way to keep your benchmen working during slow times.  If they simply no longer want their item, offer to buy it from them.  You can either recycle it as scrap or refurbish it for resale.


With a little effort and creativity, you can generate more sales, increase foot traffic and spread awareness about your store and services.

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