Wants vs Needs

Women love shopping for jewellery. For many it is not only a hobby but often it becomes an obsession. Give a woman a decent amount of money to spend on whatever she desires and the chances are pretty good that one of her visits will be to a jewellery store. To put it simply, women WANT diamonds.

Men, on the other hand, usually do not like shopping for jewellery; it is one of their least favourite activities. They can feel intimidated by just walking into a jewellery store. Give a man a decent amount of money and he will probably be looking at golf clubs, fishing gear, motorized toys or electronics. The last place you would find him would be a jewellery store. But when he does walk into a jewellery store, he probably NEEDS a diamond.
Women buy for desire. To reach her a salesperson needs to romance the stone, referring to the beauty of the piece and how it harmonizes with her and enhances her appearance. She will probably have her own strong opinions about the styles she likes. Follow her lead and don’t try to change her opinions. That is the quickest way to lose the sale. Just re-assure her that her desires are valid. She will usually make up her own mind on what she wants to purchase and a simple closing statement is all that is needed to make the sale. Don’t be afraid to suggest add-ons that go with the piece she is buying.

When a man shops for a diamond it is usually to give to a woman for a special occasion. It could be to express his love and ask for her hand in marriage, it could be to commemorate an important day like an anniversary or birthday. It could even be asking for forgiveness. In these situations, the man needs a diamond. To reach him you must first discover the reason for his need, and then gain his trust. His biggest fear is that he will make a mistake and buy the wrong thing. You need to give him a fail-safe. Re-assure him that if she really does not like it that she can exchange it for something she will love.   If it is for an engagement ring, suggest a simple solitaire setting that he can use to give her the diamond. Then afterward, they can both come in to choose the setting of her dreams.

Of course this is a broad generalization and there are many exceptions. Some men love diamonds for themselves and enjoy shopping for them. Some women don’t want to buy for themselves and will be delighted with any gift she is given. But in most cases, these scenarios are valid.
Understanding the difference between a want and a need can guide you to the proper techniques for making the sale. Think about it and give it a try. Your sales will only become easier.

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