Turn your customer into a Valentine’s Day hero.

Valentine’s Day is the last big holiday for selling jewellery for a quite a while. Since this holiday is all about romance and passion, this is the time for a romantic and emotional approach to jewellery sales, right? Wrong. Not when selling to men.

Let’s face it, most men hate Valentine’s Day. Oh sure, they put on a happy face, give it a valiant effort and do the best they can. But they are tired of gift shopping. They did it last month and now have to do it all over again and this time they need to be romantic about it. They need help and they need it desperately.

Men want a quick, painless transaction. More than likely they put this off until the last moment and are under a time pressure. But they also want to be a hero. With a little creativity and a bit of local networking the jeweller can be his saviour. Just remember, it is not about selling romance; it is only about helping him to be romantic.

3235f242-cb7c-4462-ab74-e5fb79d11db8.jpg a459e7bd-5f45-4f4a-90a8-162d92c47968.jpg
Heart Gold Pendant with CZ
by Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint-Stock Company
Diamond Fashion Pendant
by Rosy Blue Hong Kong Limited

Have a “Men’s only night” Get the word out that you will be able to provide a one stop shopping experience geared toward men who want to be heroes but don’t have the time or creativity to put together a perfect romantic experience. You will do it for them.

Make a deal with a local restaurant to get him a priority reservation and sell him a pre-paid voucher for dinner. Now he has the perfect opportunity to give his gift in a romantic setting. But that is still not enough to make him a hero. He needs more.

e0837b56-6e63-42bc-a6ed-304f8845ca73.jpg d8454a0f-85c5-4749-9537-aea9242a4dc2.jpg
Tender love Earring
by Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co Ltd
Heart Pendant
by Gyso Pearls & Jewellery Limited

Help him make the presentation something special. For bracelets work something out with a local florist for a discount on roses. Not only can you sell the roses to your customer, you can decorate the bouquet with the bracelet to hold it together. For rings have a few boxes of candy. Open the candy and let the customer eat one piece. Fill the empty space with the ring. A little gift wrap and it’s ready to go. Teddy bears make a great way to present a necklace. Have a meeting with your staff to brainstorm other romantic presentations. The wilder, the better. Stock up on any supplies you’ll need to make it happen.

The whole idea is to make it easy for him. Send him home with a complete package that will make him the most romantic guy in the world. If he knows you can set him up, he will happily pay for all the extras and will come back the next time he needs to be a hero.

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