Online resources for jewellers

Modern jewellers have advantages that were not available a few decades ago.

The biggest advantage is access to information. In fact at this very moment you are gaining new insights and contacts right here on JewelleryNetAsia, the all-around resource for the jewellery industry. With a large directory of dynamic suppliers, a wealth of great blog content, and insider’s access to the leading trade shows; JewelleryNetAsia is your go-to source for up to the minute information.

JNET_white_background_RGBThere are hundreds of other online sites for the industry. Finding the useful ones can be a challenge. I’d like to share a few resources that I find helpful. These apply more to the North American jewellery trade but I think you’ll find them interesting.


Industry news

JCK — Jewelers’ Circular-Keystone has been a source of news for the industry in the US for over 140 years. This venerable icon of jewellery information stays up to date with the times. A free subscription to their email feed is a must have for everyone in the business.

Instore Magazine — Instore has been around since 2002. Its target audience is the American retail jewellery store. Their email newsletter offers the latest jewellery fashion trends along with solid advice on the day to day operations of a retail store

Rapport Tradewire – Rappaport Tradewire is a high level source for information about the diamond industry. It covers news, mining reports and market analysis.


Resource sites

Gemology Online If you have any interest in gemmology, this is the place to be. It is a forum site that covers everything in the field of gems and gemmology. If the information you seek is not found somewhere in its archives, a simple question posted on the board will bring plenty of good answers.

The Ganoksin Project is the largest source of technical information on the jewellery arts. This site is an absolute must for anyone that designs, builds or repairs jewellery. It has everything from blogs to instructional videos on every aspect of jewellery making. It has an active forum to share bench tips and discuss common interests. Be prepared to lose yourself for several hours (or days) while exploring this fascinating site.

International Gem Society is an all-around gemmological information site. They have a fairly comprehensive online gemmology course that can lead to certification, a reference library and a forum. Appraisal and gemmological services are offered as well



David Geller is known as the guru of jewellery repair profitability. His blog covers the pricing, tracking and selling of jewellery repairs. He also is an expert in accounting and inventory management.

Robyn Hawk has her finger on the pulse of American jewellery fashion and industry trends and is probably the most prolific jewellery blogger on the net. Follow her on your favourite social media as well.

Bob Phibbs‘ blog, while not specifically for the jewellery industry, is one you’ll want to follow if you have a retail store. His insights into salesmanship and retail management are invaluable.


Social Media

All of the resources I’ve mentioned have social media presence, often updated several times a day. Search which groups your friends and respected industry professionals belong to and join in. Linkedin deserves a special mention as a source for networking and industry discussions. I find the Gemologist Group to be one of the liveliest jewellery groups on Linkedin. Individual threads can have passionate debates with comments from some of the most recognizable names in the gemmological world.

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