Get the most out of going to a jewellery show

You just got back from the show. It was great trip; you found new suppliers and bought a lot of new items for your store. Maybe you even invested in the newest technology for your shop. Now all you need to do is put the new goods into your showcase, install that new laser welder and start making money. But if that is all you do after a show you are missing out on one of your biggest marketing opportunities of the year.

For many retail jewellers going to a show is nothing new, it’s just business as usual. But for your customer it is exotic, exciting and part of the allure of the jewellery industry. Now is the time to share the experience with them. Their excitement can mean good sales for you.

Start by posting photos of your new acquisitions on your favourite social media. Keep the titles and comments quick and simple…no more than one sentence: “I’m back from Hong Kong with the latest styles.” or “Stop in and check out our new 3D printer.” Ask for their participation: “Tell us what you think of our new watch line.” You goal is to simply get their attention and generate excitement.


If you advertise on television, radio or in print, expand on the theme. Here is where you can get into more detail. Talk about the designer’s inspiration for the new jewellery line. Let your customers know how your new tools will expand your services and provide better quality.

Set up one showcase or a window display featuring your new goods. Be sure to have signage highlighting that case. If you have new tools, create a display that explains their potentials. Repair the bezel on an opal ring with both a torch and a laser to show how the laser makes it possible while the torch destroys the stone. Display a model of an intricate design that can only be accomplished with your new 3D printer. Have an example of each step in your creative process from the full colour CAD rendering, a newly milled or printed model, and the finished piece.

Get in touch with your best customers and invite them to an exclusive preview. Make it an event with wine and snacks. They will appreciate the opportunity to be one of the first to see and buy the new additions to your store. Move the new laser or 3D printer into the showroom for live demonstrations. Not only will the event you generate sales, you’ll have every one of those exclusive customers talking to their friends about your store.

Start planning for you next show. Begin marketing before you leave. Let your customers know you are going and take requests for special orders. Keep active on social media while you are attending the show. Make the show more than just a buying trip, have it be a virtual journey for your customers. If they feel like they are part of the experience they will want to take part of it home with them.

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