Forget everything you know about selling jewellery.

Meet your new customer.  Born sometime between the late 1970’s and the turn of the century and referred to as Millennials orGen Y; these are your new clients.  Some are still in their teens, but the leading edge is already out there getting mortgages and getting married.  This is who you will be selling to for the next 30 years or more.

Meet your new customer

Meet your new customer

Millennials have never known a world without internet or cell phones making them the most technologically savvy generation in history.The only way to reach Gen Y is with technology. Your website needs life, direct contact and interaction. If your site is not current, stylish and fun they will leave quickly. Load your website with good, honest information. Videos are a must. Gen Y trusts what they see on Youtube.

A web-based ring builder program on your website can keep your new customers on your site for hours and let them take ownership of the design process. Make it easy to order online for in-store pick-up.Bring technology onto the jewellery sales floor.  Arm your sales staff with tablets loaded with your diamond inventory, ring builders and educational content. Replace wall posters and art with Hi-Def screens showing videos and slideshows.

Gen Y has been exposed to over 3000 advertising messagesevery day of their lives.  They have learned to completely tune out most traditional marketing.  They want information and entertainment, not superlatives and warm, fuzzy feelings.   Your marketing needs to be fun.Make a lot of videos.  Don’t be afraid to be outrageous and crazy…you could go viral!

Forget newspaper, radio and TV; you need to go social.  Hire someone full time that understands this form of marketing.  Be sure they are very knowledgeable about your store and services so they can answer questions or respond to comments quickly, preferably within seconds.  Think of it as sales floor.  You would not leave a question unanswered for several minutes.  Gen Y wants speed and attention.

Create an in-store experience that allows Gen Y to feel comfortable and welcome.  Be sure there are plenty of tech-toys to play with in your store. Have easy access to computer design stations,your website and informational services.  Hire a one or twoMillennials and let them dress as they like, complete with tattoos and piercings, but train them to be experts on product and sales.  Learn from them as well.< Sales staff should answer all questions and make suggestions by showing examples on their tablets.  Helpthe customer discover answers, don’t just tell them.  They don’t want to be sold, but do want to be reassured.  Compliment them for asking good questions and making wise decisions. It won’t be easy.  But if we want to have a chance with our new customers we must embrace the way they interface with the world around them and find a way to be part of it.

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