Forevermark’s epic new ad could be a winner

dave_siskin_10-2015_forevermarkIt is no secret that I am somewhat sceptical about Debeers bringing back the “A diamond is forever” slogan.  It worked well in the past but it does not hold the same emotional connection with Millennials as it did with previous generations.  There needs to be something more to attract the younger demographic.

That being said, I had the opportunity to view Forevermark’s new advertising concept: It’s a Long Journey to Become the Oneand I will admit…I am impressed.

It is a short video highlighting an epic quest, to be The One.  It opens in a subterranean region with a hoard men emerging, ragged from the struggle to break free, making their way out into the light of the world.  The men are racing across the landscape in an endeavour to attain a goal; pushing though obstacles to be the last man standing, to be the one to win the hand of a beautiful woman. As the winner arrives to meet the woman, he opens his hand to present her with a diamond.  A narration says: “Through millions of years, I have been lying in the dark, waiting for the moment. Finally, my true beauty has been brought to light. And after a long journey, I am here, to light up her smile, forever.”  A graphic sequence shows the message: “It’s a long journey to become the one.” “Less than 1 per cent of the world’s diamonds are worthy of the Forevermark inscription.” It ends with the Forevermark logo and the iconic “A diamond is forever” slogan.

The campaign, due to start in November, will be a cross platform effort utilizing digital, print and social medias.

This concept should be a hit with the Millennials.  In a departure from previous (and somewhat boring) advertising efforts, it becomes a Tolkienesque story, an epic quest to win the final prize.  It correlates Man’s efforts to succeed with a diamond’s journey to perfection.  It doesn’t talk of rarity as much as it speaks of selection, the quest to be The One.

If Forevermark can continue along these lines, it may be able to spark an interest in diamonds for the Millennial generation.

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