Engage your bridal business with video

engageGetting to play a significant role in some of the most important events in your customer’s lives is one of the best things about being in the jewellery business.  Of course, the biggest, most life-changing event is getting married.  A good jewellery salesperson will guide a young couple through all of the jewellery purchases needed for a wedding; the engagement ring, wedding sets, jewellery for the bride and groom to wear, and gifts for the wedding party.  More importantly, this is your chance to make a customer for life.


Bridal jewellery is not just adornment, it a symbol of a lifetime commitment.  Behind every engagement ring is a story, one that culminates in finding your true love.  You can help tell the story. Modern social marketing is all about engaging the consumer and sharing the stories of their lives with as many people as possible.  You’ll see selfies of a young man holding a jewellery box with a caption “Got the ring” or a photo of a ring on her finger titled, “She said yes!”  Why not help them capture the moment and market your store at the same time by offering to video each step of the process?


You will need to set the stage at your bridal counter.  Figure out a couple of good angles to capture the action and be sure your store’s name and logo visible in the background.  Adjust your lighting to illuminate the customers as well as the jewellery. Start with the purchase of the engagement ring.  Have one of your team members use a cell phone to capture a video of the young man choosing a stone, picking out a mounting, and finalising the sale.  Send a copy to his phone.  Ask permission to share it on your store’s social media.  He may not want it shared until after he pops the question.



Make a video of the stone being set. Tell him to have one of his friends to get a video of the magic moment.   Record every step of the process; coming in for sizing, picking out the wedding sets, gifts, etc. As always, be sure your logo and name are in each clip  With every video, send the customer a copy and ask permission to share on your sites.  Encourage them to share as well.  Get a video of the wedding if you can.  Then combine all of the videos into one presentation.  You can do it yourself with simple video editing software or hire someone to do it for you.  If the couple hired a professional wedding videographer, contact him and have him incorporate your videos into his final work.


The goal is to help your customer record and share their own, unique experience.  They will keep this video for a lifetime and watch it over and over as the years go by.  With each viewing, they will be reminded of your store’s contribution to their story.

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