6 common ways to kill a sale

Selling is both an art form and a skill. Some people have an innate ability to persuade; others need to practice hard to achieve results. Selling jewellery is particularly challenging because of the cost involved for nearly invisible differences so don’t lose the sale by ignoring the basic techniques of selling. Here are 6 common mistakes that kill sales.

“May I help you?”

We’ve all used this greeting at some time in our careers and it is a sale killer. It is too easy for the customer to say “No thanks, just looking.” You need to engage your customer in conversation. Greet them as if they were coming into your home; ask if they need anything or if they just want to play with some pretty jewels for a while.

Don’t ask questions.

It is our job to find out what the customer wants and likes. If they are looking for a ring, ask which finger? Do you like yellow or white gold? How about rose gold? What is your favourite gemstone or colour? Keep asking until you can narrow it down to a few choices. If you don’t ask them they aren’t going to tell you.

Don’t listen.

It does no good to ask questions and not listen. Your customer will constantly be giving you clues about how to sell to them. Listen attentively to everything they say. They more they talk, the better chance you’ll make the sale.

Make assumptions.

Never assume anything about a customer. As soon as we start thinking to ourselves that this person can’t afford an item, or won’t like a style; we begin the process of down-selling our transaction. We will show something less expensive or less flashy. Show your best. Show your wildest. Your customers will often surprise you and buy it. At the very least, they will enjoy trying on something they can only dream about.

Leave it in the showcase.

Jewellery will never sell from a showcase yet in almost every store I see someone pointing to an item and describing instead of taking it out for a better look. Rather than telling someone about an item, show it to them. Get it in their hands, let them try it on. With jewellery it is often a case of love at first touch.

Wait for the customer to say yes.

Customers will not close the sale for you; you need to ask them for the sale. There are hundreds of books on ways to close a sale. Read a few of them to get some ideas and keep practicing on live customers. Don’t fear the rejection, it’s part of the game. But you won’t get their money without asking for it.

Most experienced sales people will find these mistakes to be old news, too basic to think about. But because of that we tend to forget about them. How many times does your sales crew fall into these traps? Maybe it is time to go over the basics again.

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